Advanced Display and Advanced Array Technology Laboratories

Kim Wook Sung

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Office: #311 LG Research Building

Phone: 054) 279-2363


My research interest covers technologies for future displays, amplitude arrays, phase arrays, and their relevant applications. Various problem-solving technologies for modern displays are also included. Many research subjects will be likely in the framework of intensive collaborations with universities and industrial organizations.

1. Future Display Technologies

- New concept reflective displays

- Micro-displays for augmented & virtual reality

(including Adaptive displays for augmented reality)

- Directional displays (holographic displays)

2. Amplitude array technologies

- Optical & RF arrays for communications

- Elastic transducers (speakers, ultrasound generators)

- Sensor arrays (gas sensors, optical sensors)

3. Phase array technologies

- Phase array RF applications (liquid crystal antennas and radars)

- Ultrasound applications (positional speakers, ultrasound medical applications)

- Audible applications (directional speakers, environmental sound cancellation)

4. Technological problem solving for display industry

- Cooperative investigation of issues inside display industry

- Collaboration tasks for solving urgent technological problems

5. Modeling of displays and arrayed devices

- Polarization-sensitive electro-optical modeling of displays

- Hybrid optical simulation (matrix solver + finite difference method + ray tracing)

- Nano-optics modeling & its applications into practical display devices

If you have any question on my research lab, email Dr. Kim Wook Sung at: