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Introducing Killa K: The Tamil Rap Phenomenon from Sultanpalya, Bangalore

Hailing from Sultanpalya, Bangalore, Kevin Lourd, better known as Killa K, is the rising star making seismic waves in the Tamil rap and hip-hop industry. A proud Josephite, Killa K has carved a distinct niche for himself with his unparalleled talent and mesmerizing performances.

Killa K's journey to fame commenced with his breakout hit, "Va Voi," a resounding Tamil anthem that resonated with the masses and garnered over 104,312 listens. This track perfectly captured the essence of Tamil culture, transporting listeners on a euphoric ride through the streets of Bangalore. Fuelled by the overwhelming response, Killa K released several other chart-topping singles, cementing his place in the industry.

However, it was 2022 that truly catapulted Killa K's career to new heights. With the release of his debut album, "From the Cave," he brought together artists from around the world, seamlessly blending their unique styles into a musical masterpiece. Tracks like "Inge" and "Renuka" swiftly surpassed the 1 Lakh listens mark, becoming the anthems of Bangalore's Tamil community. These infectious tunes stormed the clubs, spreading Killa K's name and sound throughout India.

The "K" in Killa K represents "Kalacharam," meaning culture. Killa K takes immense pride in embracing his roots and passionately raps to represent the Tamil language spoken in Bangalore. Although his music is primarily in Tamil, it transcends linguistic barriers, captivating audiences of all backgrounds.

Killa K's career has already witnessed remarkable milestones in a short span. Opening for MC Stan, performing for India's esteemed label "Azadi Records," and gracing the stage at Spotify's 91 Rap event are just a few highlights. Not content with mainstream success alone, Killa K has also conducted rap workshops for underprivileged children, sharing the beauty of the art form and inspiring the next generation to pursue their dreams.


Inge is the opening track of the album (From the Cave) and serves as an appetizer for what's to come when the listener progresses through the project. The beat is spiced with a South Indian touch whilst having a dash of a West coast twang in its soundscape. Killa K speaks about what it's like to be a Bangalorean, and the local cultural essence that is often submerged by the status of the metropolitan city.

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