Group Fundraisers

At Kids Corner CT, we believe in the significance of fundraisers and the importance of supporting various groups.  Our classes can be a fundraiser for Scout Groups, PTOs or Sports Organizations.  Raise Money for your group while your children learn and HAVE FUN!!

Our organization recognizes the impact that fundraising can have on communities and the positive change it can bring. By assisting you and supporting your fundraising efforts, we aim to provide financial assistance to groups in need, whether it be for educational programs, healthcare initiatives, or community development projects. 

We understand that supporting these groups not only helps them achieve their goals but also strengthens the overall fabric of our society. Through our commitment to charity, we strive to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

We come to you!

Kids Corner CT comes to YOUR location to offer a group classes to support your fundraising efforts.   Classes include materials, teaching time, and a fun hands on activity each session.  

We give back 40% of our profit back to your organization!