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Kara Miranda is a Canadian flamenco dancer of Azorean, Portuguese descent who began her studies with Veronica Maguire of Alma de España in Victoria, British Columbia over 20 years prior. There she performed in professional productions and with the group Peña Flamenco. At the age of 16, winning a Kiwanis Art Award for her original choreography helped fund her trip to Spain to study with flamenco masters during the "Festival de Jerez".

In Vancouver, notable shows include Flamenco Rosario's "Los Cuatros Vientos" and "Flamenco Ayer y Hoy", two Portuguese government sponsored performances in the Azores, Portugal, and with Mozaico Flamenco including "Café de Chinitas 'Viñetas del Mozaico'". She was a guest instructor and performer during the Calgary International Flamenco Festival, a soloist in the Victoria Flamenco Festival, in several Vancouver International Flamenco Festival shows. Now based in Montréal, Kara recently had fusion flamenco shows with the Roots of Rhythm collective at Club Balattou and performs regularly at Club Español .

Aside from flamenco - Kara works as a designer/3D artist with a multi-award winning film “Oriana” based on a Portuguese fairytale novel. Visit her art site KKinetics.com for more info.

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