General Information

My CV (revised July 2023) can be found here.

Office: Van Vleck 520


I support Federico Ardila's axioms:

Axiom 1. Mathematical potential is distributed equally among different groups, irrespective of geographic, demographic, and economic boundaries.

Axiom 2. Everyone can have joyful, meaningful, and empowering mathematical experiences.

Axiom 3. Mathematics is a powerful, malleable tool that can be shaped and used differently by various communities to serve their needs.

Axiom 4. Every student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


"Dinh Tuan" versus "Tuan"?

Why the change in initials? I grew up having written "Kevin Tuan Dao" as my full name. Most official records had my name recorded as Kevin T. Dao. When I finally checked my birth certificate, I realized my "official" name had always been Kevin, Dinh Tuan, Dao for first, middle, and last names respectively. My younger brother's name turned out to be Kenny Tu, Dinh, Dao for first, middle, and last names respectively. So our names are actually both initialized as K.D.D. instead of K.T.D.. I guess we always will have the same initials. At least, until one of us changes it.