about me

My name is Kevin Coem, and I'm a self-taught singer-songwriter, music producer, composer and lyricist from Spain. I was born on April 29 in Valencia (Spain), and I spent most of my childhood using audio edition software. It almost seemed like a game, but I eventually got better at it and I started composing my own songs when I was around 18.

I learned English and Japanese by myself, and after studying more about music theory, composition and different music genres, I entered an audition with a self-composed song for the Japanese TV show "J-MELO" on NHK World, which I passed, by the way! Therefore, teaming up with singer Ai Takekawa and guitarist Marty Friedman, we had so much fun creating a song called "The only star" as a music project for that show.

I started releasing my own songs in Japanese in 2012, and that decision led to so many incredible experiences such as radio and TV interviews, taking part in cultural and charity events, and also performing live concerts in both Spain and Japan. I even held my own live tour in Japan 2 years in a row! And I also got public support from many Japanese artists, like May J., who hosts the show I passed an audition for, singers Nana Tanimura and Miho Fukuhara, music producers Kikuchi Kazuhito and U-Key zone, and many others, so that music career was an unforgettable experience overall.

But in 2015 I thought it was the right time to look for a change and evolve as an artist, so I released one last album before stopping my music activities in Japan, took some time off, and decided I would start over under a new stage name. That's when I stopped using my $4 microphone in favor of brand new professional equipment, and here I am, starting over as Kevin Coem!