Spend 2 days with Aaron Judge’s private hitting coach! Pick Your Session.

Space is Limited


1. If you would like to apply what you learned at the camp, KSA's Hitting Coordinator Hunter Wood, will offer 2 day participants 2 free hitting lessons! Hunter is a current professional baseball player and has been using the methods taught by Teacherman for approximately 2 years. You have the choice of video lessons, or live one-on-one lessons at our facility...whichever you prefer. ***

2. If you don't need lessons, we will give you a $75 credit in our Pro-shop. We sell all major brands... Wilson (Lou. Slugger, DeMarini, Evoshield), New Balance, Allstar, Easton, Marucci, Victus, Rawlings, Under Armor, and more!!!*

Hitters (Baseball and Softball), Parents and Coaches:

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn the high-level swing pattern from the man that turned Aaron Judge into one of the most prolific hitters in the game... RICHARD SCHENCK! ___________________________________________________

Click here to learn more about Richard and his evolution in becoming an elite and highly sought after hitting instructor.

Top frame is Judge before working with Richard...downward attack angle, front shoulder open, weak position to hit from. More specifically, In the top video prior to working with Richard, Judge is swinging downward, out of his load, and around the baseball. He struggles to achieve early bat speed because of this and is only in the hitting g zone for a short period of time.

In the bottom video after working with Richard, Judge is swinging down to up thru, snapping his barrel behind his load, getting behind and inside the baseball. Because of this movement Judge can achieve early bat speed that allows him to make decisions later, as well as being in the zone for a very long time. Swing is on plane and in more powerful position, loaded, behind the ball and powerful.

Judge Side by side.mp4


Date: February 9 and 10th

2 Sessions:

1. Saturday/Sunday 1 PM to 3 PM session

2. Saturday/Sunday 4 PM to 6 PM session

Ages: Approximately 9 years old to Professional

Email Jeff Quinlan at jsq.biz@gmail.com to register.

Cost: $299 (pre-pay) | $349 / player (walk-up)

*1 Day Only (Pick Sat or Sun) = $180

$50 Discount if registered and prepaid ...(comes to only $74.25 per hour to work with one of the best in the business!)



Open to coaches and others who want to observe: Admission: $69 one day; $97 for two days (Parents or those responsible for a participant are FREE)

Players who work(ed) with @Teacherman1986

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

Manny Ramirez, Boston Red Sox

Ian Happ, Chicago Cubs

Scott Kingery, Philadelphia Phillies

Josh Stowers, Seattle Mariners, Played at University of Louisville


“I had been following Richard’s work online for about a year, before I had the opportunity to hit with him in person. It didn’t take Richard long to put everything together and help craft the high level swing I will take into my next season. I have received a lot of swing advice throughout my career, but nothing has made more sense. Richard teaches a big league swing through matching video. To see some of the work he’s done with Aaron Judge and Ian Happ affirms that he’s the best in the business at what he does.”

-Hunter Wood

2017 Johnny Bench Award Semifinalist for Western Kentucky University, 2018 USPBL All Star, 3 year professional


“Richard is as good as they come. He is extremely talented at analyzing video as well as “feeling” what hitters are doing. This allows him to teach with tremendous detail. The feeling of contact is flush and the concepts make perfect sense. The stuff he teaches isn’t new, it’s what the best have done for the last 100 years. He just explains it and copies it with precision.”

-Robb Paller (@Bobby_Barrels)

2016 First Team All-Ivy league for Columbia University, 2018 USPBL All-Star, 2018 USPBL Homerun Derby Participant, 3 Year Professional