About Us


Millan Family

Almost two decades later family members and a band of close friends gather each year in a labor of love to keep Katie's memory alive and do good deeds in her name. This group works behind the scenes to raise money and support worthy causes.

The Friends & Family

Who Make KEMMF Possible

In our first year, when KEMMF was just an idea and the loss of Katie was unbearable, we gathered to discuss cancelling our first golf tournament. It was only weeks away and we didn't have enough golfers to break even. But we kept faith, people came and they kept coming... Today our annual golf event is a tradition, forming an important place for people to gather, reunite and give thanks. We celebrate Katie, but we also celebrate all of our friends, old and new, who have made KEMMF possible and helped us to do good in her name. Thank you!

Something we are proud of...

Proud to be a CHLA First Family

Proud to support CHLA's new hospital

Making A World of Difference, November 2009


Photo: hard hat tour, the day we made our biggest pledge ever in Katie's name!