Keirsten J. A. Hoyle, MBA is a dual career woman being a full-time Manager in Corporate America and full-time Entrepreneur with her own Home Decor Company. Her drive and passion is what keeps her going around the clock to achieve her wildest dreams and goals.

As a committed woman of faith she believes one of her many gifts is mentoring our youth more specifically young women. She's a gifted speaker who has a lot of love and knowledge to share with the world. Lastly, her blog Decor'd Corner is a one stop shop for things Home decor and Lifestyle hacks.

Woman of Faith

Keirsten is an inspirational speaker who is very open about her faith and her relationship with God. She shares that part of who she is to inspire youth and her peers in a way that leaves a lasting impact beyond her. Keirsten has faced a number of obstacles in her life and often shares how her faith journey has heightened through obstacles.

Journey to Inner Peace...

Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm. Keirsten started a journey to inner peace and the daily struggles that challenge that constantly. Keirsten truly believes that "Inner Peace is the New Success" and has adopted that as her daily mantra. Being that Keirsten is a dual Business Woman working in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship. She noticed that inner peace was a difficult concept to grasp throughout the demands within a work day. Her personal struggles that she endures daily on her journey to inner peace is what has motivated her to share with the world. You can find more about her journey on her instagram page:


Keirsten J. A. Hoyle, MBA is a vibrant interior designer with bold style and ambitious ideals! She is the CEO and Owner of Décor'd by Keirsten LLC. She started this journey in Summer 2018 when she got certified in Interior Design and Home Styling. Keirsten is a spiritual young woman and she believed God placed this business on her heart to discover a true passion within herself and to change the perspective of the Interior Design Industry. She is an enthusiastic visionary who is all about making a house a home. Keirsten believes "You should wake up everyday in the house of your dreams." You can find out more about her business at


Tell me more show by deshawna g.

Keirsten Hoyle was featured on the TellMeMore Show on YouTube discussing Balancing a Career and Grad School.

Let's talk live dc

Keirsten Hoyle visited Let's Talk Live- WJLA 24/7 to share some DIY ideas to refurbish home furniture. How to transform old household items into new luxurious pieces!


young women of excellence alumni video

Keirsten Hoyle was an Alumni of the first Young Women of Excellence Mentorship group back in 2008 at Brookland Baptist Church in Columbia, SC. She shared her experience through the program to reflect on the impact it made on her life and why she mentors our youth today.

décor'd corner blog

Décor'd Corner Blog is a platform to discuss Home Decor and Lifestyle tips.

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