Kuwait-Canada Gravity Research Group

The members of KCGRG work in theoretical and experimental gravitational physics, i.e., black holes, cosmological models, gravitational waves, quantum fields in curved spacetime, quantum gravity phenomenology, quantum gravity

KCGRG is an Associate Member of LISA Consortium and is part of the Fundamental Physics Working Group , Cosmology Working Group as well as of the AdvoReach Working Group of LISA. Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) is a European Space Agency (ESA) L3 mission designed to detect and accurately measure gravitational waves. LISA is the first space-based gravitational-wave detector and the mission is expected to launch in 2034. NASA collaborates by leveraging the growing body of knowledge from the U.S. scientific community.

Members of the KCGRG are MC Observers of the COST Action CA18108 - Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach (QG-MM)