Worm Compost Challenge

All 100 free bins are adopted!

Once it is safe to work together we will start up out Worm Bin Workshops where you can build your own bin. There will be a materials fee of $40 when you sign up.

For questions email: David at: KCDrawdown@gmail.com.

Golly, 50 buckets is a whole lot of buckets!

Dec., 2018 Worm Bins Ready to Adopt

We now have 40 worm compost bins left to adopt. They are going fast.

Each bin has 500 healthy hungry worms ready for your vegetable scraps. (Yes, do the math. That is a lot of worms!)

Brookside Farmer's Market

The indoor Brookside Farmer's Market was a huge success. We ran out of worm bins for people to adopt. (10 were adopted) Most people asked how much the worm bins would cost, even though the sign said "free." This is a great deal, while they last.

The new green bins have an improved compost guide.

To find out how to build your own bins and get your community worm composting to help reverse global warming email: DavidHakan@gmail.com.