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I'm just the average ham, licensed in 2007, a background in computer systems and architecture and a dabbler in many modes of operation. I spend about 25% of my time in keyboard to keyboard digi mode operation. I'm a big fan and early adopter of SDR technology as well.

I like playing with

You can reach me via QRZ, my contact info is there.

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General Operating

SSB Passband Operating Basics 

My Audio Setup - Mic Gain Tips 

Kenwood TS-590sg - Virtual Audio for Transmit via USB 

Kenwood TS-590sg Hand Mic Setup 

Gear and Equipment Articles

Comparison of the SunSDR2 DX with the Anan 7000 DLE MKII 

Digital Mode Tips and Tricks

General Digital Mode Operating Tips 

Soundcard Levels For Digital Modes 

Kenwood TS-590SG digital mode setup 

Miscellaneous External Sites

My old site - will gradually transition articles here