Kenyon Branan

Hi! I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of English Language and Literature at NUS. I recently graduated from MIT with a PhD in linguistics. I work on syntax and its interface with PF. I am particularly interested in syntactic locality, and how prosodic requirements might determine the acceptability of certain word orders. You can reach me at: kgbranan --- at --- nus dot edu dot sg

Here's my CV.


Papers and manuscripts (email me for a copy of anything that's not linked)

FOFC-motivated movement: Evidence from Skou. In prep.

Locality and anti-locality: the logic of conflicting requirements. Submitted.

Prosodic Intervention. Submitted.

Licensing with Case: evidence from Kikuyu. Submitted.

Attraction at a distance: Ā-movement and Case. Linguistic Inquiry, 2018.

In Bùlì, wh-in-situ licenses parasitic gaps. Proceedings of WCCFL 36, to appear. with Abdul-Razak Sulemana.

Edges and Unlocking: Evidence from Chichewa. Proceedings of ACAL 49, submitted. with Colin Davis.

Determining what gets in the way. Proceedings of Going Romance 31, submitted.

The ι-boundedness of A-scrambling. Proceedings of WAFL 13, 2018.

Dependent Case as a licenser in Kikuyu. Proceedings of NELS 47, 2017.

In-situ Wh-phrases in Superiority Violating Contexts don’t have to be In-Situ. In A Pesky Set: Papers for David Pesetsky, MITWPL, 2017.

Case Sensitive Ā-movement. Proceedings of NELS 46, 2016.