Kenyon Branan

Hi! I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of English Language and Literature at NUS. I graduated from MIT with a PhD in linguistics. I work on syntax and its interface with PF, and I like to use data from understudied languages for theory construction. Here is a way of categorizing my work:

  • Syntax-prosody interactions: I am interested in interactions between syntax and prosody. Much of my work on this topic attempts to develop theories of possible and impossible word orders, in which much cross-linguistic variation is determined by restrictions on prosodic structure, rather than purely syntactic requirements. If this approach is on the right track, then much surface variation between languages simply reflects different strategies to satisfy general prosodic well-formedness conditions.

  • Nominal-nominal relationships: Much work suggests that morphosyntactic rules that target nominals apply only when they are clausemates with other nominals. My work in this domain tries to determine the cross-linguistic shape of these rules, with a focus on languages which are not commonly considered to have such rules [such as Kikuyu], or on languages which display typologically unusual rules of this sort [such as Coahuilteco].

  • Derived transparency effects: Syntactic rules are generally assumed to be bounded in their application: certain parts of a sentence block movement across them. This line of investigation looks at cases where this property of movement blockers disappears as the result of some other rule targeting the blocker.

You can reach me at: kgbranan --- at --- nus dot edu dot sg

Here's my CV.


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