Colin P Davis
Linguistics PhD student at MIT

I am a 2nd year student, and I do syntax. In the past I've thought about allomorphy, auxiliary verbs, case morphology, and nominalization. Lately, I tend to think about possessor extraction and linearization.

~ 2017 ~
  • In progress is a paper showing that English can possessor extract, but in interestingly restricted ways, which a combination of Cyclic Linearization and an adjacency condition on the saxon genitive predicts.
  • At ECO-5 at UConn, I presented a work in progress which shows how the Cyclic Linearization view of spellout constrains the distribution of stranding, teaching us when stranding in intermediate positions is possible, and explaining Postal's observation that English can't intermediately strand prepositions
    ~ 2016 ~
    • At the Tu+2 workshop I presented me and Justin Colley's ongoing joint work on phase extension and Turkish nominalized clauses. 
    • At WAFL 12me and my MIT colleague Justin Colley presented a dependent case/phase extension analysis of case and agreement morphology in Turkish nominalizations. 
    • Also at WAFL 12, I spoke about locality constraints on copular allomorphy in North Azeri, extending to a puzzle about become in this language. 
    ~ 2015 ~
    • At the Tu+1 workshop on Turkish, Turkic and the languages of Turkey at UMass Amherst, I presented more about North Azeri auxiliaries and copulas.  
    • This is a short article covering the central argument of my BA thesis.
    ~ 2014 ~
    • This manuscript is an extension of my BA thesis, in which I argue for a unified account of nominalized clauses, auxiliaries, and copular allomorphy in North Azeri, based on my fieldwork with this language.
    • Sometime around here, I started to do linguistics. But should I have?