Colin P Davis
Linguistics PhD student at MIT

I am a third year student, and I tend to do syntax. My recent work is characterized by an interest (A-bar) movement, the curious domains we call "phases", and how these relate to successive-cyclicity. I'm thinking about these general topics in terms of pied-piping, stranding, linearization, extraction from nominals, and parasitic gaps. I have latent interests in suppletion, case, and auxiliaries. I like scotch, fancy pens, and kitties. 

  • This paper shows that the informal English of some speakers allows possessor extraction, but with detailed restrictions. I argue that these details follow from Cyclic Linearization and a phase-bound constraint on ['s], and provide a window into how linearization constrains stranding.
  • In progress is a paper about what the constraints on stranding in phase edges under successive-cyclic movement might reveal about the nature of phases and movement operations. This work was presented at ECO-5 at UConn, the 2018 LSA annual meeting, and will be again at WCCFL 36.
  • At FASL 27 me and Tanya Bondarenko will give a talk about how the interaction of left branch extraction and parasitic gap licensing reveals covert pied-piping in Russian.
  • At ACAL 49 and WCCFL 36, me and Kenyon Branan will present on what extraction from DP in Chichewa reveals about "unlocking" patterns, in which agreement is required for extraction.
  • In progress: Parasitic gaps, overlapping movement chains, and the places where tucking-in fails.

  • At WAFL 12 and the Tu+2 workshop me and my MIT colleague Justin Colley presented a dependent case/phase extension analysis of case and agreement, and the places where they come apart, in Turkish nominalizations.
  • Also at WAFL 12, I spoke about locality constraints on copular allomorphy in North Azeri, extending to a puzzle about become in this language. 

  • At the Tu+1 workshop on Turkish, Turkic and the languages of Turkey at UMass Amherst, I presented more about North Azeri auxiliaries and copulas.  
  • This is a short article covering the central argument of my BA thesis.

  • This manuscript is an extension of my BA thesis, in which I argue for a unified account of nominalized clauses, auxiliaries, and copular allomorphy in North Azeri, based on my fieldwork with this language.
  • Sometime around here, I started to do linguistics. But should I have?