Colin P Davis
Linguistics PhD student at MIT

I am a 2nd year student, and my thing is syntax. When I get interface-y, I lean towards the PF side. In the past I've thought about allomorphy, auxiliary verbs, case morphology, and nominalization. Lately, I tend to think about possessor extraction and linearization.

~ 2017 ~
  • In progress is a paper showing that English can possessor extract, but in restricted ways which interact with, and are captured by Cyclic Linearization. 
  • Also in progress, a joint work with Justin Colley about accusative-marked themes of existential constructions.
  • At ECO-5 at UConn, I presented a work in progress which proposes a novel generalization about partial pied-piping/intermediate stranding, which I show is a natural consequence of the Cyclic Linearization framework. 
~ 2016 ~
  • At the Tu+2 workshop I presented me and Justin Colley's ongoing joint work on phase extension and Turkish nominalized clauses. 
  • At WAFL 12me and my MIT colleague Justin Colley presented a dependent case/phase extension analysis of case and agreement morphology in Turkish nominalizations. 
  • Also at WAFL 12, I spoke about locality constraints on copular allomorphy in North Azeri, extending to a puzzle about become in this language. 
~ 2015 ~
  • At the Tu+1 workshop on Turkish, Turkic and the languages of Turkey at UMass Amherst, I presented more about North Azeri auxiliaries and copulas.  
  • This is a short article covering the central argument of my BA thesis.
~ 2014 ~
  • This manuscript is an extension of my BA thesis, in which I argue for a unified account of nominalized clauses, auxiliaries, and copular allomorphy in North Azeri, based on my fieldwork with this language.
  • Sometime around here, I started to do linguistics. But should I have?