KBC Running Online Lottery On WhatsApp Messenger?

A viral message is distributing throughout social media stating that KBC is carrying out an on-line lottery game on WhatsApp messenger. Here is a reality check kbc lottery.

What is the rumour concerning?

Recently, a viral message is being flowed that states that a lucky draw will take place as well as the individual has the possibility to win a lotto prize of Rs 25 lakhs. It claims that the lotto game fortunate draw is being carried out by KBC JIO.

The message also mentions that well-known individualities like Amitabh Bachchan, Mukesh Ambani and even Narendra Modi have actually done this fortunate draw by KBC JIO. The message also gives a WhatsApp number to get in touch with for additional information on how to obtain the winning quantity.

Google Trends

After an evaluation of Google Trends with respect to the KBC Lotto game rumour, one can see that people have actually been extremely interested to know about the very same. The maximum number of searches have been done on April 15, 2020, as well as the trend appears to be raising today on April 16 too because of the flow of the viral message forwards.

A fact check

Republic World did a reality check on the KBC lotto rumour as well as discovered the claims to be a hoax.

KBC is not performing any such lotto games or fortunate draws that deserve Rs 25 lakhs. The previous period broadcast its last episode in November 2019.

These message forwards have actually previously been reported in 2018 also in a somewhat various layout. However, the Mumbai Authorities without delay replied to the Twitter customer as well as advised him to not share such individual sensitive details. Take a look.

Picture courtesy: kbconlinelottery website

It is advised NOT to provide your personal financial institution info or any kind of such sensitive information to anybody on the account of getting a shock fortunate draw quantity.

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