Better Homes for All Filipinos

The Problem

The Philippines construction industry has been adding 220,000 homes per year, and still cannot meet demand.  The Philippine Chamber of Commerce reports an affordable housing backlog of 4M units, which makes the low-income or “socialised housing” segment the fastest growing in the country. 

Currently 50% of homes are built with resource intensive concrete and imported steel. Yet while bamboo is an indigenous plant of the Philippines, its full potential as a long-lasting, renewable building material has not yet been tapped due to difficulties sourcing, treating and manufacturing the raw material.

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Bamboo is the Solution


Bamboo house construction is proven safer than concrete and steel in earthquakes and typhoons.

Locally Sourced 

Global pandemic and economic disruption of supply chains have reinforced the value of local production and value chains.


Increasing consumer interest in environmentally-friendly products and processes that can compete on price.

Treated poles sold by the meter

Engineered bamboo panels

Homeware and Furniture

Starter Homes to Pavilions

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Our Services


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Work with designers on your bamboo construction details for faster, durable bamboo components


Estimating, planting, installation, construction and design consultation

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About Us

Kawayan Collective aggregates, processes and distributes beautiful, durable, Philippine bamboo as a sustainable construction material.  We organize the collection and treatment of bamboo poles for construction grade quality that rivals cement block and steel and imported building materials. 

Our mission is to elevate bamboo as a sustainable, durable, beautiful building material and our vision is better homes for all Filipinos. Our logo is a butterfly because it is a symbol that means many things to us: transformation, propagation and rebirth. It is also a reference to the butterfly effect —that one small change in behavior can ripple to make a big impact. 

We opened April 1, 2019, but our team has over 20yrs experience treating and crafting bamboo.  When you purchase Kawayan Collective bamboo, you know you are buying local, sustainable, high-quality goods made by a company that cares for people, place and profit equally. 

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Treating bamboo Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm

KM 21 Maayongtubig, Dauin, Negros Oriental 6217

Phone: (+63) 0917 105 4404

Email: kawayancollective at

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When you buy from Kawayan Collective you support social housing in the Philippines

How does one small change in behavior  ripple to have a large effect on our local economy...?  

We supply treated bamboo for Base Bahay Foundation's social housing projects in the Philippines. Your support enables us to operate and innovate!

We Buy Bamboo

Do you have 100+ poles that are 3 to 4 years old?

8-12  meters straight

12cm-7cm diameter

Tinik or Botong

CONTACT US: 0917 105 4404

Farmers of Negros Oriental

Our bamboo is sustainably harvested from the mountains of Negros Oriental. We partner with farmers in planting and harvesting of quality graded bamboo. 

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