Seasonal Views of

Kathy's Meadow

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March 29: Daffs are blossoming and cool season grasses are bright green in the 50-degree soil temperatures. Warm season grasses, however, are dormant and brown.

May, warm season grasses just start to green.

Early June, warm season grasses

Warm season grasses grow fast as soil temps reach about 60 degrees,


Colorful Redtop, a cool-season grass, sways in the wind, June.

Tickseed coreopsis, June-July

Common milkweed, June - July

Butterfly weed lives up to its' name in July.

Yarrow, June - October

Yarrow foreground, Heliopsis 'Summer Nights' background, July

Heliopsis 'Summer Nights', July-August

Brown-eyed Susan foreground, Bluestem broomsedge background, August/September

Switchgrass foreground, Bluestem broomsedge background, September

Mountainmint visited by bees, June-October.

Red Admiral butterfly on Wood's blue asters at meadow edge, September.

Early September morning, yarrow and Little Bluestem glow in the sun.

November mowing

Most years, we have the field mowed in November. Not in 2018-2019. We are trying something new.

Frosty January morning, yarrow

Kathy's Website: