Katherine Meckel

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of California San Diego and a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. My research specializes in topics in public finance, health economics, and environmental economics.

I hold a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from Columbia University and a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Yale University.

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Current Working Papers

"Long-Run Impacts of Cigarette Taxation on Health: Intended and Unintended Effects" December 2020

Issuance and Incidence: SNAP Benefit Cycles and Grocery Prices” with Jacob Goldin and Tatiana Homonoff, September 2020 (Conditionally Accepted, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy)

Peer Reviewed Publications

"Efficiency Versus Equity in the Provision of In-Kind Benefits: Evidence from Cost Containment in the California WIC Program" with Maya Rossin-Slater and Lindsey Uniat, August 2020 (Accepted at Journal of Human Resources)

Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? Unintended Effects of Payment Reform in a Quantity-Based Transfer Program,” American Economic Review, 110(6), June 2020 [published version]

Does Managed Care Widen Infant Health Disparities? Evidence from Texas Medicaid” with Ilyana Kuziemko and Maya Rossin-Slater, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 10(3), August 2018

Hydraulic Fracturing and Infant Health: New Evidence from Pennsylvania” with Janet Currie and Michael Greenstone, Science Advances, 3(12), December 2017

Something in the Water: Contaminated Drinking Water and Infant Health” with Janet Currie, Joshua Graff Zivin, Matthew Neidell and Wolfram Schlenker The Canadian Journal of Economics, 46(3), August 2013

Other Publications

Fetal Origins of Lifetime Health” with Douglas Almond and Janet Currie, The Encyclopedia of Health Economics, Anthony Culyer, Editor, March 2014

How Will Baby Boomer Retirements Affect Teacher Labor Markets?,” with Daniel Aaronson, Economic Perspectives, 33(4) November 2009

"The Impact of Baby Boomer Retirements on Teacher Labor Markets," with Daniel Aaronson, Chicago Fed Letter, No. 54, September 2008

Teaching Fall 2020

  • Econ 151: Undergraduate Public Finance