Katharina L. Meissner

My name is Katharina Meissner and I am a political scientist working at the intersection of international relations and international political economy with an empirical focus on European Union public policy and external relations.

I obtained a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute (EUI). After having defended my PhD thesis in 2016, I joined the Centre for European Integration Research (EIF) and I was a visiting fellow at the ARENA Centre for European Studies. Since September 2019, I have been a 'Lise-Meitner' postdoc (project leader) at EIF, University of Vienna.

Parts of my work have appeared in outlets such as the Review of International Organizations, Journal of Common Market Studies, the Journal of European Public Policy, Public Administration or the Review of International Political Economy. My research received funding from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF M-2573). In 2019, I joined the editorial board of the Journal of European Public Policy.