Karthikeyan (Karthik) Sundaresan

Research as passion, profession, and inspiration ...

I have moved to Georgia Tech as a faculty in the School of ECE. In my prior role, I was a senior research scientist in the Mobile Communications and Networking research department at NEC Laboratories America (Princeton, NJ). I am a distinguished member of ACM, and a Fellow of IEEE. I have been working in the wireless space for over fifteen years and my areas cover a broad spectrum from wireless networking and sensing to mobile autonomous and embedded systems. I am passionate about designing theoretically-sound algorithms and solutions as well as translating them to practical real-world systems. You can reach me at: karthiks at nec-labs dot com.

If you are a prospective Ph.D. student interested in applying to GT and working with me, please first take a look at my work to gauge the fit. Then, you can drop me an email at karthiks dot gatech at gmail dot com, with (1) your CV, and (2) an optional but recommended, brief 1-pager on your motivation to do a Ph.D., how I can help in your journey, and how you think you can add to my group (with your skillset).

Some recent stuff ...

  • MIXIQ: An Ultra-low Power Receiver Design for Next-generation On-body Applications, will appear in ACM MobiCom 2021.

  • SkyHaul: a self-organizing mmWave Gigabit network hosted on UAVs and the final piece of our SkyLiTE system, will appear in ACM MobiHoc 2021.

  • SpaceBeam: a sensor-fusion system that leverages IR-Lidar to infer scene geometry and enable one-shot beam configuration for mmWave networks; appeared in ACM MobiSys 2021.

  • xSHIFT: a novel, passive RF backscatter tag that works with commodity WiFi devices, appeared in ACM MobiCom 2020.

  • TrackIO: a novel infrastructure-free system for tracking first responders in indoor environments using UAVs outside, appeared at USENIX NSDI 2019.

  • SkyCore received best paper award at ACM MobiCom'18.

  • SkyCore and SkyRAN, two integral pieces of our SkyLiTE project, appeared at ACM MobiCom'18 and CoNEXT'18 respectively. SkyLiTE aims at deploying multi-UAV based LTE networks in a stand-alone manner for challenging environments

  • Tutorial on "5G: An Evolution towards a Revolution" at Indian Institute of Science, SPCOM'18; a second iteration was given at ACM MobiCom'18

  • BLU project was a best paper finalist in ACM CoNEXT 2017 -- project aims at identifying unknown interference sources and leveraging their diversity for robust LTE operation in unlicensed spectrum

  • Recipient of ACM Sigmobile Rockstar award for 2016 for early career research contributions to wireless connectivity