Mission Statement: To preserve and protect karst aquifers and the quality of their waters by conducting relevant scientific research and documentation of surface features and corresponding underwater caverns and conduits. 

KUR is organized and operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and reporting valuable scientific information from underwater karst environments where scientists are unable to go and providing this information to the public for future generations to better understand and protect our unique natural resources. 

Our focus is to identify opportunities for characterizing and collecting scientific information about karst systems for academic research, environmental protection and public knowledge. We fill the crucial niche of supporting scientists and other concerned parties by pulling information from the ground - literally - that they would not be able to safely do themselves. We also help scientists plan or refine their research plans based on our observations and data collections. But, we are not a laboratory or facility. We are a volunteer organization that relies on the efforts of skilled (and enthusiastic) volunteers with their own exploration equipment to execute our research efforts.

Donations are appreciated and help KUR conduct scientific research and documentation of the aquifer system that Floridians drink from. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to fund scientific equipment including devices for water sampling, water chemistry analysis, cave radio-location, cave fauna documentation, water conduit survey/mapping, and more.

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Call: (352)410-0903

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