Ladybird Beetles

Coccinellidae: evolution and phylogeny

Entomology is my hobby and passion. I begun with faunistic studies, completed my PhD in the Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Then I teached for seevral years at the University of Gdańsk. Now back to MIZ where I am studying various aspects of the evolution of beetles.

I am working on evolution, classification and taxonomy of beetles grouped in recently discovered superfamily Coccinelloidea, of which the most species rich are ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae). I believe that for comprehensive reconstruction of the evolution and its mechanisms we have to study all sources of information that we can get, using so called total-evidence approaches combining taxonomy and faunistics of extant fauna, fossil record, molecular phylogenies, life histories etc.

I welcome collaboration in any field concerning ladybird beetles and Coccinelloidea: faunistics, taxonomy, phylogeny or paleoentomology.

My current projects you can find here.

List of publication is here.