Ladybird Beetles

Coccinellidae: evolution and phylogeny

Currently looking for a candidate for a PhD position in the Museum and Institute of Zoology in Warsaw (Poland). The main objective of the project is reconstruction of phylogeny of the genus Rhyzobius based on molecular, morphological and paleo data. However, in broader context the project will also allow to discuss evolution of the whole tribe Coccidulini. Deadline for applications January 31 2023. More detail can be found here:

Entomology is my hobby and passion. I begun with faunistic studies, completed my PhD in the Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Then I teached for seevral years at the University of Gdańsk. Now back to MIZ where I am studying various aspects of the evolution of beetles.

I am working on evolution, classification and taxonomy of beetles grouped in recently discovered superfamily Coccinelloidea, of which the most species rich are ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae). I believe that for comprehensive reconstruction of the evolution and its mechanisms we have to study all sources of information that we can get, using so called total-evidence approaches combining taxonomy and faunistics of extant fauna, fossil record, molecular phylogenies, life histories etc.

I welcome collaboration in any field concerning ladybird beetles and Coccinelloidea: faunistics, taxonomy, phylogeny or paleoentomology.

My current projects you can find here.

List of publications here.