FUN Zone Amusements

Welcome to Fun Zone Amusements

We have the awesome series of Games on Roblox including...

K's Party Time Arcade,

The Awesome Club (NEW)

The Great Stand Contest (COMING SOON)

What Activities are Available?

We Have 5 activities which Are...

THE Midway

You can enjoy a Great amount of rides and each game has unique rides, Including The King's Carousel, SpinMove, Cartoon Swinger and More!

K's Speedway COMING SOON

Reserve your Speedway ticket to go on our Awesome Speedway

K's Bumper Arcade

Bump your way to victory and fun on our newest and coolest bumper cars attraction

Fun Zone Amusements Arcade

Get Tickets By Playing Arcade Games, And at some locations, You can Even ride our Tik Tak Kiddie Ride

K's Birthday Reservations

Reserve your birthday with awesome rides along with Arcade games and More!

Remember, not all of the places have the 5 activities and/or may have different Activities because the 5 shown are the ones included at most of our places.

Contact K_GamesOFFICIAL on Roblox or any of our staff members for more info about Reserving  a Birthday Party At Any of Our Game(s)!

 if one of our places had a quick shut down then you may need to rejoin so you can see the changes we did to that place.