Ginena, K. Exploring Right-vs-Right Ethical Dilemmas: How Firefighters Experience and Manage Loyalty Tensions. [Stage: Manuscript under review at Academy of Management Journal]

  • Paper awarded 2019 AOM Best Dissertation-Based Paper Award (OB Division). Below are comments from the award granting committee – Matt Pearsall (UNC), Ethan Bernstein (Harvard), Aparna Joshi (Penn State), Margaret Luciano (Arizona State), Lynn McFarland (South Carolina), Chad Murphy (Oregon State), Colleen Stuart (Johns Hopkins):

“Rigor and relevance ooze from this deeply impressive study and beautifully articulated paper. I already look forward to citing this paper when it is published!”

“The use of the occupational context of firefighting to forward a novel take on right versus right dilemmas is fascinating. The data are rich and the paper offers an important advance to the ethics literature. I look forward to seeing a paper based on this research in print."

“Very well-written. Good use of theory to justify investigation. This is exactly the way qualitative approaches should be applied—to help better understand a phenomenon. This paper will help direct future quantitative research.”

“The paper stood out as identifying an interesting and important problem that has received relatively little attention, and then designing and conducting a rigorous study to explore that problem. The paper was very well-written and conveyed a depth of understanding of the relevant academic literature, qualitative methods, and the study context.”

“It is well-motivated, theorized and written. I agree with the author that right-right dilemmas thorny to grapple with, and impressed that (s)he decided to tackle this topic.”

Parmar, B., Wicks, A., & Ginena, K., Employee Stakeholder Orientation, Job Satisfaction, and Perspective Taking. [Stage: Manuscript under review at Journal of Business Ethics]

Ginena, K., & Jiang, W. The Ghosts of Hollywood: Navigating Dangers, Invisibility, and Precariousness in the Stunt Profession. [Stage: Data analysis underway. Target: Administrative Science Quarterly]

Ginena, K., & Pratt, M. G. Am I Still a Firefighter if I Drive an Ambulance? The Impact of New Tasks on Occupational Meaning and Meaningfulness. [Stage: Data analysis underway. Target: Academy of Management Journal]

Ginena, K. Cultivating Loyalty in the Fire Service. [Stage: Data analysis underway. Target: Organization Science]

Behfar, K., Peterson, R., Hu, X., Lynch, J., & Ginena, K. Team Leadership Practices in Face, Honor, and Dignity Cultures: How the Power Distance Value is Enacted by Team Leaders. [Stage: Data analysis underway. Target: Administrative Science Quarterly]

Other Publications (Pre-PhD)

Ginena, K., & Truby, J. 2013. Deutsche Bank and the Use of Promises in Islamic Finance Contracts. Virginia Law & Business Review, 7(4), 620 – 649.

Ginena, K. 2014. Shariah Risk and Corporate Governance of Islamic Banks. Corporate Governance, 14(1), 86-103.

Ginena, K., & Hamid, A. 2015. Foundations of Shariah Governance of Islamic Banks. West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons.

Ginena, K., 2015. Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Islamic Finance: An Introduction to the Issues and Papers. In El-Karanshawy et al. (Eds.), Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Islamic Finance. Doha, Qatar: Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation.