Karim Ginena

Social Scientist. Leader. Ethnographer. Behavioral Ethicist. 

2023 update: I'm on the market for my next adventure; please email me to chat (work status: US permanent resident, Canadian citizen; Location: Richmond, VA)

Dr. Karim Ginena (resume here) is an award-winning Senior UX researcher at Facebook / Meta who leads fairness research of artificial intelligence-driven products. He is Facebook's first UX researcher on the Responsible AI team (RAI).

Dr. Ginena's research has helped RAI scale fairness products across the company, enhanced the team's processes and frameworks, and contributed to racial justice efforts. He has collaborated with product teams, legal, policy, civil rights, comms, responsible innovation, diversity and inclusion, and other functions to achieve these outcomes.

Dr. Ginena holds a Ph.D. in Management (Ethics and Organizational Behavior) from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business and has worked in social media/IT, banking, logistics, and higher ed research.

He has been named:

His dissertation explores right-vs-right ethical dilemmas. Comments on his research from the AOM award-granting committee can be found under the Research tab.