Karim Ginena, Ph.D.

AI Researcher. Behavioral Ethicist. Social Scientist. 


Dr. Karim Ginena (resume here) is an award-winning senior researcher (LinkedIn) who has spent the past 16 years tackling issues of ethics/governance in industry and academia. He specializes in examining how to maximize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while limiting its harms. He is the founder of RAI Audit, a company that provides Responsible AI advisory and research services. Most recently, he led AI fairness user research (UX) at Meta where he was the first/founding UX researcher of Meta's Responsible AI team (RAI).

Dr. Ginena's research has helped Meta's RAI team scale fairness products across the company, enhanced the team's processes and frameworks, and contributed to racial justice efforts. He has conducted studies to understand people's mindsets, preferences, experiences, and concerns relating to AI and data collection, worked on Fairness Flow (Meta's tool for assessing fairness), helped build RAI frameworks and playbooks for AI risk assessment, and strategized on AI fairness roll-out plans. He has collaborated with product teams, legal, policy, civil rights, engineering, data science, comms, responsible innovation, DEI, and other functions across Meta to land impact.  

Dr. Ginena holds a Ph.D. in Management (Ethics and Organizational Behavior) from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business and has worked in social media/IT, banking, logistics, and higher ed research. His dissertation explores right-vs-right ethical dilemmas. Dr. Ginena is currently pursuing his AI and Algorithm Auditor Certification from BABL AI. 

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