Governing Board

Kanuikapono PCS Board of Directors

Derek Green, Chair

John Kaohelaulii, Vice Chair

Shane Cobb-Adams, Treasurer

Heidi Aceret, Secretary

John Thatcher, Member


The Governing Board at Kanuikapono Public Charter School welcomes input from the public regarding the school's policies, mission and vision. Concerns, questions or comments regarding the administration of the school, including parent concerns over specific instances, personnel matters, or how policies are implemented, should be addressed with the Executive Director first.

The Board conducts a variety of meetings to advance the school's business, including special and regular meetings open to the public. Regular meetings typically occur on the last Wednesday of the month, and contain an agenda item for public comment, which is limited to 15 minutes on the agenda, and to 2 minutes per speaker for oral comment. The Board will also occasionally hold listening sessions to solicit public comment on specific topics to assist us in formulating our decisions.

The board accepts and prefers comments in writing in order to facilitate the timing of the meetings and to ensure a clear understanding of the comment, concern or question raised, and will accept such comments delivered to the Chair in writing at any public meeting, or via email at The Board will respond to communications to the Board through its Chair within 45 days.

If you're interested in our public meetings, the board meeting schedule is linked below. The agenda for the next meeting is linked in the title of the meeting below, with the minutes linked to the date of the meeting once they are approved by the board.

Mahalo for your interest in Kanuikapono Public Charter School.

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Kanuikapono PCS Regular Board Meeting

Wednesday January 27, 2021

July 19, 2018Commission Meeting
July 17, 2018Special Governing Board Meeting
June 13, 2018Governing Board Regular Meeting
June 8, 2018Work Group
May 2, 2018Interim Governing Board Regular Meeting
April 16, 2018Emergency Executive Session and Special Meeting
March 29, 2018 Special Meeting
February 9, 2018 Regular Meeting
October 6, 2017 Regular Meeting and Draft Minutes