BNB Rentals

The Bed and Breakfast (B&B) market, also known as short term rentals -- speared by AirBNB (connecting BNBs owners to renters) -- Market is quickly growing in The Kansas City Metropolitan Area. With so many unique locations, BNB Rentals offer you many different options to give as a gift or stay yourself. Or both.

BNB Sites

There are several Bed & Breakfast ("B&B"s) sites to experience a BNB rentals in Kansas City. BNB Sites offer online booking and reserving special upgrades. Some of the popular BNB sites were AirBNB, VRBO and more. Since COVID, though, consumer behavior has changed more into independent bookings.

Vacation Rentals

Believe it or not, vacation rentals in Kansas City have been super hot recently. With the Lake of the Ozarks not far away along with several popular lakes nearby, KC is becoming a destination city. Now, there's plenty of vacation rentals to choose.

Best Townhouse Rental Sites

To give the full KC Gift experience, you must consider checking out a townhouse. KC has plenty of the best around the Midwest!