My research focuses on computational and theoretical studies of materials’ thermo-mechanical properties under extreme environments including plasticity, creep, and fracture in chemically complex alloys and bulk glassy metals. My methodology is based on a multi-physics/scale approach that aims to interpret, predict, and tune functional properties primarily based on inherent micro-structural complexities (i.e. defects, local chemical order/disorder, precipitates). To establish robust microstructure-property links, my research works toward integrating (first-principles and/or heuristic) physics-based simulations with data-centric microstructural informatics approaches in a coherent way (the so-called “physics-informed” framework) that they guide one another in order to achieve the desired efficiency, interpretability, and predictiveness.

Kamran KarimiPostdoctoral Associate, Complexity Science GroupUniversity of CalgaryDepartment of Physics & AstronomyScience B Building, B502Phone: +1 (403) 210 7903Email: