Kaitlyn's Kloset Guidelines


1) MOST IMPORTANTLY - by joining the Facebook page or using our services, you agree to the terms set forth in the document called Important Legal Information. To view this document, please click on the Legal Tab.

2) All posts will be reviewed before posting.

3) ALL items you post MUST be for free. We are not a garage sale site.

4) If you are donating, please make sure your items are in good condition - no stains, rips, tears, or holes.

5) Formula and baby food ARE accepted (please check expiration dates first). Formula MUST NOT HAVE been received with WIC dollars. WIC will not allow us to take in donations of WIC formula.

6) NO DRAMA - if you are found being rude, disrespectful, taking advantage of the site, or causing drama; you will be removed immediately, without warning.

7) The Admin of this site reserve the right to remove members of the site for any reason, at any time. No warning and no explanation needed.

8) If you are a "no-show" at a contest pick-up you will no longer be allowed to participate in ANY further contests. If you are a "no-show" two times to any event or pick up, you will be removed from the group without warning. This does not apply to those who message ahead of time and say they cannot meet. Please remember, our time is just as valuable as your time.

9) If you are caught SELLING items you received for FREE, from Kaitlyn's Kloset - MN or any of the families in the group, you will be removed. If you are unable to use something that someone has given to you, it is the expectation of Kaitlyn's Kloset and it's members that you will either return the item or pass it on to another family in need.

10) If you are caught taking advantage of a member of our group, another group, or a local resource - AND we have proof; you will be removed from the group.

11) Kaitlyn's Kloset - MN is for Kaitlyn's Kloset members only. Please only accept items for your family. Please do not get items for your friends. We encourage you to add your friends to our group. If they do not have a Facebook account, they are welcome to contact us at kaitlynsklosetmn@gmail.com.

12) Unless your post states FCFS (First Come First Served) you must go in order of the people who commented. You must also give the person 24 hours to respond before moving to the next person in line.

Thank you for helping Kaitlyn's Kloset - MN