My One Consistent Dream

I'm convinced that my life changes on a daily basis. My plans, my hopes, my dreams, they all change with each passing day. The one thing though that has remained my one constant dream though, is to continue with Kaitlyn's Kloset.

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Mothers, We See You

This world is filled with mothers of all different kinds. From different parenting styles, to age, to the type of mother they are; they are each unique in their own way. And we see you.

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Girls, Find Someone That Treats You Right

Someone who makes your heart flutter and makes your tummy turn. Someone who doesn’t call you “hot” or “sexy” all the time and instead calls you “beautiful” and “gorgeous”. Someone who will hold your hand in public and not be ashamed. Someone who laughs at your jokes even when they aren’t funny (but let’s be real, they’re always funny and they just doesn’t get your humor)....

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A Year of Changes

I never thought one year ago I would be where I was today, heck even six months ago I never would have thought I would be here. One year ago today I was a senior in high school, and I was taking a full college course load online through the University of Northwestern. I was fully engrossed in my school life, and the thought of college was the only thing on my mind...

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To Ashley, Charley, and Colbey,

Girls, you three are the most important girls in my life, and I am proud to know I am a role model to all three of you. I do not take the label of an “older sister” lightly.

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I started my senior year of high school not knowing what my life would look like come 2017. 2017 was the year I had thought about my whole life. It was the year I would graduate high school. Thirteen plus years of schooling all led up to this one year. And here it is….. 2017.

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To the Woman at Hy-Vee...

I saw you struggling to push your walker up to the lane, a red basket piled with groceries balancing carefully on the seat. I saw the pained look in your eyes as I asked you how you were doing. "Not well. I pushed it too far today. I have a cast on my foot and did too much walking." I told her I would just come around and take her groceries for her, as she didn't have the strength to even try and lift that bright red basket.

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My Momma's Hand

I lay here next to my mom in bed, holding her hand and thinking about how much has gone on in the last week and a half. After I think she is asleep I let go of her hand and get up to use the restroom, but she wakes up and asks where I'm going. I quietly tell her I am just going to the bathroom. She looks at me with her exhausted eyes and then says ever so quietly, "Please come back." As a couple tears well in my eyes I tell her, "I promise I will." Momma, I will never leave you.

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Do You Believe?

Please do not turn away from this blog post thinking it will be me trying to force any sort of religion on you, because trust me, it is the exact opposite. So please continue reading with an open mind.

I recently watched the movie....

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So You Want to Date My Daughter...

I’m convinced that the amount she has cost us over her lifetime is somewhere in the Rembrant/Michelangeo range. Together, her father and I created this prized possession. She was our first love. Treat her like the one-of-a-kind piece of art that she is. Never forget how amazing she truly is.

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Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Mom and Dad, I know it's hard for you to watch me go full force into my first relationship. I know it's hard to let me walk out the door, in my jeans and cowboy boots...

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Thoughts From Kaitlyn's Mama

Sometimes, my heart is so swollen; drippy and overflowing with joy. I am certain it may explode at this very moment in time. As I'm writing this, I can hardly get the words out fast enough - my mind working faster than my fingers can type.

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A Trip Back in Time

Forgive me for being long-winded and a bit nostalgic this morning. I want you all to travel back in time with me for a moment – back to 2003. That’s probably where it all began.

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Sidewalk Chalk

Last night I was outside, enjoying the beautiful day, while I watched Ashley grab the chalk. For a 13-year-old, she still loves her inner-child, and on top of that, she loves art. I asked her what she was going to draw, and she simply replied with "I don't know yet". Since Easter is Sunday, I told her to draw something that represented Easter.

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Letting Go

“Live intentionally, feel everything, love achingly, give impeccably, let go”

We cling to a past that defines us. We hold tightly to memories. We dig in our heels and refuse to embrace the changes in our future. We find it hard to let go.

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I am Enough

There are 7,284,511,623 people in the world.

Each one has thought at some point in their life, "I'm not the prettiest." "I'm not the smartest." "I'm not the strongest."

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