Kahaniyon Ke Ghar

The Homes of Stories in India


If you are here and reading this then I assume you see the value in creativity or are a creator yourself. While you understand that the world needs quantifiable results, you have chosen the hard but hugely nourishing way of following your passions and creative purpose. I am much like you :) While we’ve all had our own paths to come here and will continue to work and grow in our unique ways, I also believe that we must find a way to also grow together, to connect with each other, now more than ever.

Creativity has taught us to be mindful, resilient and dynamic. But what we lack is an inclusive ecosystem that can preserve and support all those who are like us. I believe the first step towards such an ideal is knowledge- to know who we are, and where we all work to build our creative lives. These spaces of living and working are the homes of our stories.

I believe in the digital world of today, the only things that exist are those that are mapped and if we don’t make a map of our initiatives, then the opportunities for us to collaborate together are lost. So here is my attempt – a directory of independent creative spaces, made with love, labour and the most beautiful ingredient of our indianess – frugal innovation.

If you have created a space in any city in India that supports artistic innovation and creativity (of any genre, medium or form), please do add yourself to this crowd-sourced directory. Moreover, if you can also share and ask all those like you to add to this list as well, I imagine we will have the beginning of a map where we all stand together.

I look forward to getting to know you.

With love and support,

  • Virkein Dhar

(a work in progress…)