Hello – my name is Christian Kaff. I am a photographer located in Central California. I've had a camera in my hands since age ten, and I've pursued it as both a passion and profession in later years. I generally shoot in a documentary style photographically, and move comfortably within a wide variety of genres: From weddings and commercial work, to lifestyle and more.


Other info

Below is some random information other photographers, or clients who are interested in getting started in photography, tend to ask. 

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Current Gear

Camera Body: 

Fujifilm XT-4


Fujinon 35mm f/2 lens

Canon FD 35-70mm (Adapted to Fuji F-mount)

Canon FD 50mm (Adapted to Fuji F-mount)


Drone: DJI Mavic Air Drone

Software: Adobe Creative Suite (LR, PS)

Computer: Apple Macbook Air (2017)


How long have you been shooting weddings?

I started shooting weddings in 2017. I bought my first camera and started learning about photography at 10 years old - it was a Kodak Z1012. I decided to start an official business after getting married in '17.

What cameras do you recommend?

For beginners - Any Canon Rebel DSLR  (T5i+) + Canon 50mm lens. ($-$$)

For everyday fun - Fujifilm X100F ($$$)

For a great all around camera (photo/video) - Fujifilm XT-Series 3+     ($$-$$$)


Do you shoot film?

Yes, but not as much as I used to - I still have plenty of film cameras around, my favorite being my Yashica TLR (pictured above). If you're interested in a film-photo session, please ask! I'd love to shoot a session in film.

Do you shoot photos exclusively?

I actually started with learning videography and moved to photography shortly after! I still enjoy shooting both formats, as they each provide a unique expression of the art.

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