Kaboozey's Commission Sheet

This page is where I explain everything related to my commissions

If you've already understand everything then please contact me and fill out a commission form

If not then please read on

About My Style

I vary my style a lot, often using different brushes for coloring, lineart and backgrounds from piece to piece. Some styles work better for different characters, and types of drawings, or some days I will work better and faster with one style than I do another. Although the time and effort I spend on each commission is the same. To get a good sense of what I do please check out my examples page:

What I Won't and Will Do

II won't do anything involving non-consenting parties, underage, scat, diaper, or vore, or gore. I will do watersports, bondage, some forms of artistic guro. If you have questions about anything that I didn't mention please contact me.

Standard Prices (3 Chars Max)

Lineart: $50 +30 for each extra character

I will choose a specific brush type and style depending on the character, and what I feel I will work best with.

Colors: $60 +40 for each extra character

I will either do very flat/crisp colors or looser colors depending on what's asked for, or what I think fits best.

Cel Shaded: $80 +50 for each extra character

Either very sharp or loose

Rendered: $110 +60 for each extra character

My style varies a little bit for this depending on the commission, but I always spend more time on this type of commission than I do the others.

Commissions Based off Cropping (3 Chars Max)

Extra characters and versions can be added for all of these

Face/Icon (Just the face, and a little bit of chest)

Lineart: 20 +15

Colors: 30 +20

Cel Shaded: 50 +30

Bust (Around the belly button upwards, either front or behind)

Lineart: 30 +20

Colors: 40 +25

Cel Shaded: 60 +35

Crotch/Butt Shot (Just the crotch/waist or butt/waist)

Lineart: 20 +15

Colors: 30 +20

Cel Shaded: 50 +30

Anything crotch/thighs up counts as a full commission (Please refer to full commission prices )





Backgrounds and settings: $10-50 extra depending on complexity

I will do chairs, tables, beds, floors and other simple props pretty cheap. A whole room will cost a lot more and I generally don't do those. And I won't do city/public settings right now due to the complexity.

Costuming: 10-50 extra

Costuming can get very complicated and time-consuming, armor/weapons and military gear and stuff being the most. Guns, weapons and crazy patterns will up the price.


10-20 extra if super complex

Extra version Examples:

Cum/Orgasm: 10-40 extra depending on complexity, facial expression change making it cost more

Clothed version of nude char: 10-50 depending on complexity of clothes

Nude version of a clothed char: 10-30, usually less since nude is easier than clothes


For all of these adding extra characters will make them cost more.

I'll add an extra version of any type to any drawing. The extra versions I will do aren't limited only to the examples I gave.

Example: Cum/Orgasm

Mainly pertains to me drawing another version of an image where a character is cumming. It can also include creampies, faceshots or just adding cum into any image.

Other Commission Types


It depends on the complexity as to whether or not I will take it. It would be 2 characters max, and $150 for a 4 panel page

Sketch Pages (5 poses max)

For these I will draw a character in a variety of loose positions, different views of their junk, them doing different things like jerking off, getting penetrated, or posing in a sexy outfit etc. Each pose for this costs less because I don't always draw the character's full body when doing these. Their dick or titties could take up 1/3 of the canvas, and maybe I'll only draw their booty a bunch of times.

These are fun and loose and give me a chance to emphasize certain things about the character.

Lineart: 30 per pose 3 poses = 90

Colors: 40 per pose 3 poses = 120

Reference Sheets

I am not currently doing those

Sketch Page Example

Not every pose is full-body, and some poses emphasize a small portion of the body.

More examples of sketch pages can be found on my examples page.

Time Lapse Videos $10

I use procreate so I also offer timelapse videos that show the complete process of commissions I've done. They range from 30-seconds to 3 minutes depending on the size of the commission. If you want the .mp4 just let me know and or fill out that you want it in the commission form. Payment for them can be made before or after the commission is finished.


Brushes $5

One per commission

I usually use at least a few different brushes and brush settings for every drawing I do. Sometimes I'll use more like in the drawing above where I used one brush on 9 different settings.

For $5 I'll either send you one brush file of your choosing over procreate or the brush shape and texture file, and description of the settings.

Take one more look at the examples page if you need to....

and if you're ready commission me please go ahead and fill out my commission form!

And Contact Me

Telegram : @Kaboozey

Gmail: kaboozey@gmail.com