The aim of this Erasmus+ Project called AROMA (Digital Training Toolbox for Entrepreneurial Training in Augmented Reality) is to develop a novel trainers toolbox by which VET Trainers can attract and reach out to learners to motivate them on exploiting augmented reality (AR) in business scenarios. The project is funded under the Eramsus+ Programme through the Czech National Agency. AROMA involves 8 partners coming from Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Romania, Spain and Sweden. To achieve its overall aim, the AROMA project consortium has set a number of objectives and aims to address the following target groups:

Objectives :

OBJ1: To develop an original Curriculum for Modular Training in Augmented Reality for Entrepreneurship;

OBJ2: To develop six relevant case-studies that will demonstrate how AR is being exploited in business entrepreneurship;

OBJ3: To develop a Modular VET Course content on ‘Augmented Reality for Entrepreneurship’ to cater for trainers and learners

of European Qualification Framework levels from 4 to 6;

OBJ4: To develop an E-learning Course on ‘Augmented Reality for Entrepreneurship’ employing AR ;

OBJ5: To implement a novel, modular digital training toolbox for use by VET education stakeholders;

OBJ6: To disseminate AROMA project results through multiplier events in the partner countries;

Target Groups :

TG1: VET trainers that can exploit the AROMA training material

TG2: VET learners that want to up-skill their business entrepreneurship skills

TG3: Stakeholders interested in exploiting AR technology as a basis for setting up or improving their own business

Erasmus+ Project No. 2017-1-CZ01KA202-035560

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This webpage reflects the views only of the AROMA partnership, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.