Innovative Learning for the Primary Classroom

What can our littlest learners create when we put modern tools in their hands and give them opportunities to explore?

Calling All K-2 Educators,

Imagine a Professional Learning event designed especially to meet the needs of those who work with our littlest learners! This Hands On, Teacher Centered event focuses on innovative learning in the Primary Classroom. Sessions will be most appropriate for teachers who work with PK-Second Grade students.

Have you ever found yourself at an educational technology conference and wondered, "But how would this work in my Kindergarten classroom? Or "What can my first graders do with this tool?" If so, this is the event for you! Let's get together and celebrate what our littlest learners CAN do!

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What previous attendees have to say:


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  • “I walked out of each session with real things I could implement on Monday. It was amazing!”
  • “I was really inspired to continue to differentiate my students' learning and to create opportunities for them to be creators! Thank you for an awesome, well-organized, and innovative training!”
  • “This was one of the best trainings I have attended! I really liked how all the presenters gave access to their slides so I can go back and refer to them as needed. I felt like all the presenters had such valuable information to share as well as practical examples of actual student work using the resource we were learning about. This was an excellent training!”
  • “The presenters were all very enthusiastic which was contagious! I truly enjoyed talking to the presenters and seeing their passion for education and technology's role in education.”
  • “Thank you for inviting preschool teachers we are moving into technology and our younger scholars can definitely benefit from staff that attends this trainings!”
  • “It's honestly hard to even pick one session that is most inspiring because they were ALL very inspiring. I walked away from each one with tangible, feasible ideas to start in my classroom this week. All of the presenters were well prepared, inviting, exciting, and innovative. I love the culture of the EdTechTeam and the focus on sharing good ideas.”
  • “The enthusiasm of the instructors and participants motivated me. Actually trying the new technology we were learning was exciting.”

Would you like to bring this event to your district? Contact us!