Activation Levels

  • Status 1: Normal everyday operations. No emergency or known potential exists.

  • Status 2: The potential for a communication emergency exists. ECs should monitor the situation. Members should monitor primary net frequencies and email for information on preparation and possible activation.

  • Status 3: An unusual condition exists that has caused government officials to declare a warning. A communications emergency does not yet exist but is possible. Members should prepare for activation. Affected ECs will initiate their Group net, and members should continuously monitor their local net frequency. Members should check in to their Group nets and let leadership know their availability and resources. The SCTN may also be activated by the SEC if needed.

  • Status 4: A communication emergency exists and ARES operators and radio resources have been requested by one or more agencies. Group nets in affected areas should be activated, and if needed, the SCTN, as determined by the SEC. ECs in un-affected areas should monitor the appropriate nets in the event additional assistance is required.