Mt Washington Valley Amateur Radio Emergency Services


M.W.V. ARES consists of licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the Public Service if / when Disasters / Emergencies strike.  M.W.V. ARES training consists of Book Work, Drills, On air nets, N.H. ARES SET [Simulated Emergency Test] and Public Service Events to keep our Communication skills up to date in the event M.W.V. ARES is called on to activate.  Also M.W.V. ARES provides support to the NWS Skywarn program by providing Real Time reports to Grey National Weather Service office.  M.W.V. ARES is able to be at the ready because of the unselfish devotion of it's members.  M.W.V ARES invites all to join our Group to help the citizens of Mt. Wash. Valley and the State of N.H. in time of need.

Mt Washington Valley ARES net:  Monday - 7pm - 145.450 (-) 100Hz 


Presentations from NH ARES Academy, 2020

The NH ARES Academy seminars are being held virtually this year.  For more info about NH Ares Academy seminars click here.

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