Research students

I have supervised c. 70 M.Phil. and 16 PhD dissertations.

Applications are invited from candidates wishing to conduct doctoral research in my areas of specialisation.

Current PhD students:

  • Xiaoxuan Chen
  • Sadiyah Shahidullah

Awarded PhDs:

  • 2017. Eleni Savva, 'Subsentential speech from a contextualist perspective'
  • 2017. Luca Sbordone, 'The contextual adjective: On indexicality, gradability, and vagueness in the adjectival domain'
  • 2017. Michael Keane, 'Time and modality in the human mind, and the particular commonality between them: Linguistic and psychological investigations'
  • 2017. Roberto Sileo, 'The semantics and pragmatics of racial and ethnic slurring language: Towards a comprehensive radical contextualist account'. Currently Affiliated Lecturer, University of Cambridge
  • 2015. Chi-Hé Elder, 'On the forms of conditionals and the functions of if'. Currently Lecturer in Linguistics, University of East Anglia
  • 2013. Minyao Huang, 'Vagueness in language use: Problems and pseudo-problems'. Currently Research Fellow, Sun Yat-sen University
  • 2012. Eleni Kapogianni, 'Irony and the literal versus nonliteral distinction: A typological approach with focus on ironic implicature and strength'. Currently Lecturer, University of Kent
  • 2010. Anna Schneider, 'Understanding the primary meaning: A study with reference to requests in Russian and British English'
  • 2009. Alyson Pitts, 'Metamessages of denial: The pragmatics of English negation'. Currently GB Senior Analytical Linguist, Google
  • 2006. Jiranthara Srioutai, 'Conceptualisation of time in Thai with special reference to d1ay1II, kh3oe:y, k1aml3ang, y3u:I and c1a'. Currently Associate Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • 2001. Marina Terkourafi, 'Politeness in Cypriot Greek: A frame-based approach'. Currently Professor and Chair of Sociolinguistics, University of Leiden
  • 2001. Hye-Kyung Lee, 'The semantics and pragmatics of connectives with reference to English and Korean'. Currently Associate Professor, Ajou University, South Korea

Updated 24 October 2019