John Young

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Hi and welcome to the main (first) page of my web sites.

I am based in Birmingham England were I have lived and worked all my life.

The links to my different sites are on the right of the page, just click a link to be taken to the page.

As you can tell from the links darts is very much a interest of mine, unfortunately it often takes place in the Pub otherwise I am sure I would be an T Totaler, no, no honest !!!!!!

My other main interest is the Birmingham Head Injury Club, were we organise a night out on Monday for people with head injuries, to give them a change of scenery and their carers a break.

I hope you enjoy looking at my web sites

To Contact Me :

Mobile: 07973 228210

Phone: 0121 314 9861

Voice Mail: 0845 869 6411

Fax: 0871 503 9245

Skype: johnrichardyoung