Jun Yan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE)

Concordia University, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Office: S-EV 9.142

Email: jun.yan (at) concordia.ca

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My research is in the areas of cyber-physical security, smart & resilient infrastructures, and applied machine intelligence. My research have been published in IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, and many other international venues. The research has been generously supported by NSF and ARO when I was a PhD student, and by NSERC, FRQNT, Mitacs, Ericsson, Nvidia, and Concordia University since 2018.

The complete list of publications can be found here.

Recognition & Awards

  • Most downloaded & cited paper (as of Oct. 2018) of IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications for my paper "Cyber-Physical Attacks and Defenses in the Smart Grid: A Survey."
  • Best Paper Award, 2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC). [Link]
  • Best Student Paper Award, 2016 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI) . [Link]
  • Best Readings on "Communications & Information Systems Security - Cyber Attacks" of IEEE Communication Society (2013). [Link]
  • Front-cover paper on IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (TIFS), vol. 8, no. 4, April 2013. [Link]
  • Excellence in Doctoral Research Award, University of Rhode Island, Ph.D. Class of 2018 (sole recipient). [Link]
  • Best Reviewers, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (2016). [Link]

Cyber-Physical Systems & Security

  • Smart grid and smart infrastructure security
  • Cyber-physical modelling and testbeds
  • Data-driven situational awareness

Smart, Secure & Resilient Infrastructures

  • Self-adaptive and self-healing systems
  • Interdependent critical infrastructures
  • Multi-infrastructure inter-operation

Computational & Machine Intelligence

  • Computational intelligence techniques
  • Adversarial machine learning
  • Transparent and trustworthy intelligence

Recent News

  • 2019-12: Zhenxing's paper on adaptive event-triggered control for nonlinear multi-agent systems has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (TCYB).
  • 2019-11: Zhenxing's paper on event-triggered control for nonlinear multi-agent systems with directed graph has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (SMCA).
  • 2019-10: Presented three papers at IEEE SmartGridComm 2019 and three invited talks in China.
  • 2019-10: Jun received three Mitacs Accelerate Cluster Grants (PI) to research with Ericsson on artificial intelligence in cyber-physical system security. Thanks to Ericsson and Mitacs!
  • 2019-09: Paper on multi-attribute fuzzy learning is accepted by Elsevier's Information Sciences.
  • 2019-07: William Lardier and Quentin Varo joined our group for their Master study on smart infrastructure security - welcome!
  • 2019-08: Chengming's paper on noise-robust feature extraction and ensemble classification is accepted by IEEE EPEC 2019.
  • 2019-08: Yuanliang Li joined us for PhD study in smart infrastructure resilience - welcome!
  • 2019-08: Jinli Yao joined us for research internship in fuzzy-based decision making - welcome!
  • 2019-07: Three papers by Yongxuan, William, and Ekram on smart grid security, co-simulation, and planning have been accepted by IEEE SmartGridComm 2019.
  • 2019-07: Moshfeka's paper on attacker's knowledge and resources in false data injection attacks is accepted by IEEE GLOBECOM 2019.
  • 2019-07: Jieyuan Tan joined us for research internship in deep reinforcement learning-based situation awareness for smart grids - welcome!
  • 2019-06: Luyang's paper on auction design for EV charging scheduling is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (TITS).
  • 2019-06: Paper on extended TOPSIS method is accepted by Springer's International Journal of Fuzzy Systems(IJFS).
  • 2019-06: Maryna Kluban joined our group for her research internship in autoencoder-based intrusion detection system - welcome!
  • 2019-03: Jun served on the organizing committee of CPS-IoT Week 2019. (Website)
  • 2019-02: Zhenxing's paper on adaptive event-triggered consensus control is accepted by CCC 2019.
  • 2019-02: Luyang's paper on highway EV charging mechanism design is accepted by IEEE CSCWD 2019.
  • 2019-01: Chengming's paper on smart grid attack classification via XGBoost is accepted by IEEE PES General Meeting 2019.
  • 2019-01: Yongxuan Zhang joined our group for his Master study in transfer learning-based intrusion detection techniques - welcome!


  • 2018-11: Jun served on the organizing committee of FPS 2018. (Website)
  • 2018-11: Jun received a Concordia Aid to Research-Related Events Grant (PI) for invited seminars and research outreach.
  • 2018-10: Luyang Hou joined our group as a co-supervised PhD student working in mechanism design for EV charging scheduling - welcome!
  • 2018-09: Our survey was recognized as the highest-cited & most downloaded paper on IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications.
  • 2018-09: Jun's article "Cyber-Physical Resilience of the Smart Grid: Challenges & Opportunities" is published by IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter. (PDF)
  • 2018-09: Moshfeka Rahman joined our group for her PhD study in the area of smart grid security - welcome!
  • 2018-07: Jun received a Mitacs Globalink Grant (PI) for research on deep learning for cyber-physical security.
  • 2018-07: Paper on ADP-based model predictive control has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (TCYB).
  • 2018-06: Jun delivered 13 invited seminars on smart grid cyber-physical security at universities and institutions in China.
  • 2018-06: Jun received the Concordia Horizon Grant (co-PI) for research on proactive security for attack-resilient microgrids.
  • 2018-05: Paper on CNN-based wind turbine fault diagnosis is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (TIE).
  • 2018-05: Jun received the Excellence in Doctoral Research Award from the University of Rhode Island, the only recipient in the Ph.D. Class of 2018.
  • 2018-04: Jun received the NSERC Discovery Grant (PI) for research on cyber-physical security in safety-critical IoT infrastructures.
  • 2018-04: Jun received the FRQNT New University Researcher Grant (PI) for research on feature learning for the smart grid.
  • 2018-04: Jun received two ENCS Capital Research Innovation Funds (co-PI) with Arash Mohammadi on smart and connected communities and with Kash Khorasani on intelligent control, diagnosis, and security for the smart grid.
  • 2018-04: Jun received the Nvidia GPU Grant (PI) for research on data-intensive situational awareness in smart grids - Thanks, Nvidia!
  • 2018-02: Chengming's paper on autoencoder-based feature extraction and attack detection is accepted by the IEEE PES General Meeting 2018.
  • 2018-01: Paper on sparsity-density entropy-based clustering is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE).
  • 2018-01: Chengming Hu joined our group for his Master study in the area of ensemble feature learning for smart grid security - welcome!


  • 2017-12: Jun joined Concordia University as a tenure-track assistant professor in the area of smart grid security and applied computational intelligence.
  • 2017-10: Paper on denoising autoencoder-based wind turbine fault detection is accepted by IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (TMECH).


  • Mitacs Accelerate Cluster Grant (with Ericsson Canada GAIA Hub), 2019-2023
  • NSERC Discovery Grant & Early Career Researcher Supplement, 2018-23
  • FRQNT Établissement Nouveaux Chercheurs Universitaires, 2018-20
  • Mitacs Globalink, 2018-19
  • Nvidia GPU Grant, 2018-19
  • Concordia Aid to Research-Related Events, 2018-19
  • Concordia Horizon Grant, 2018-20
  • Concordia Capital Research Innovation Funds, 2018-19
  • Concordia Start-Up Funds, 2018-20


  • INSE 6640 - Smart Grids and Control System Security, Concordia University, Canada
  • COEN 231 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, Concordia University, Canada



  • 2018-07-04: Invited seminar at Linyi University, Linyi, China. [link]
  • 2018-06-26: Invited seminar at Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing, China [link]
  • 2018-06-25: Invited seminar at Southwest University, Chongqing, China [link]
  • 2018-06-22: Invited seminar at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China
  • 2018-06-21: Invited seminar at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan, China [link]
  • 2018-06-20: Invited seminar at Wuhan University, Wuhan, China
  • 2018-06-14: Invited seminar at North China Electric Power University, Baoding, China [link]
  • 2018-06-12: Invited seminar at Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, China
  • 2018-06-11: Invited seminar at Shenyang Institute of Automation, Shenyang, China
  • 2018-06-08: Invited seminar at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China [link]
  • 2018-06-07: Invited seminar at Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China [link]
  • 2018-06-06: Invited seminar at Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications, Nanjing, China. [link]
  • 2018-06-04: Invited seminar at Southeast University, Nanjing, China. [link]