Johan Vikström


I'm a researcher at IFAU in Uppsala and affiliated to Uppsala Center for Labor studies, Uppsala University.

My research interests include labor economics, program evaluation and health economics.

Publications here and a detailed CV here.

Recent papers

G.J. van den Berg and J. Vikström (2019), "Long-Run Effects of Dynamically Assigned Treatments: A New Methodology and an Evaluation of Training Effects on Earnings", IZA Discussion Paper No. 12470, R&R Econometrica.

Cheung M, J Egebark, A Forslund, L Laun, M Rödin and J Vikström (2019), "Does job search assistance reduce unemployment? Experimental evidence on displacement effects and mechanisms", IFAU Working paper 2019:25.

Avdic D., S. von Hinke, B. Lagerqvist, C. Propper and J. Vikström (2019), "Information shocks and provider adaptation: Evidence from interventional cardiology", CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP13627.

Lombardi S, G.J. van den Berg and J Vikström (2019), "Empirical Monte Carlo Evidence on Estimation of Timing-of-Events Models" , latest version.

Avdic D., P. Lundborg and J. Vikström (2019), "Estimating Returns to Hospital Volume: Evidence from Advanced Cancer Surgery", Journal of Health Economics, 63, 81-99.

Bucher-Koenen T., H. Farbmacher, R. Guber and J. Vikström (2019), "Double trouble: The burden of child rearing and working on maternal mortality", Demography, accepted.

Vikström J., G. Ridder and M. Weidner (2018), "Bounds on treatment effects on transitions", Journal of Econometrics, 205(2), 448-469.

Avdic D., P. Lundborg and J. Vikström (2018), "Mergers and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Maternity Ward Closures", IZA Discussion Paper No. 11772, R&R Journal of Public Economics, latest version.

Recent policy reports

Lombardi S & J Vikström ( 2019), ""Arbetsförmedlingens kontrollarbete, sanktioner och de arbetslösas sökbeteende" , IFAU Rapport 2019:23.

Vikström J, S Lombardi & O Nordström Skans (2018), "Hur påverkar anställningsstöd och nystartsjobb de anställande företagen?, IFAU Rapport 2018:13.

Vikström J. & G.J van den Berg (2017), "Långsiktiga effekter av arbetsmarknadsutbildning”, IFAU Rapport 2017:17.

Vikström J. (2015), ”Effekter av sekvenser av arbetsmarknadspolitiska program”, IFAU Rapport 2015:25.