IQ: smartparent | PBS

Episode 24 of Voice in Education welcomes Dr. Justin Aglio of the Montour School District shares about their school district's passion and pathways for teaching Artificial Intelligence to their students.

With so much emphasis on making, educators are concerned that districts will funnel funding to STEM and not prioritize humanities. The push for maker spaces in schools was fueled by fear of not knowing what future jobs will be. Educators decided that critical thinking was the most important skill to build and translate to many fields. What other ways should we prepare learners who don't show an interest in coding or making?


Justin Aglio, Director of Academic Achievement (K-4) and District Innovation at Montour School District

Maria Kalevitch, Dean of the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science and Acting Associate Provost for Innovation at Robert Morris University

Alison Treaster, Director of Workforce Business Engagement, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development