Professional Background

Sales Associate

Summer 2023, I served as a Sales Associate at F45 in Hunters Creek Village, Houston, Texas. My role involved reconciling and managing sales systems to guarantee precise and organized communications. Diligently, I made 25 cold calls daily, significantly increasing call volume and expanding our member base. Collaborating with the sales manager, I contributed to process optimization, resulting in heightened operational efficiency.

Innovation Consultant

Since August 2021, my role as an Innovation Consultant at the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE) has allowed me to cultivate a wide base of business and entrepreneurial skills to tackle real-world challenges.

My diverse experience spans from researching marketing tools for B.E.S.T, a local nonprofit, to delivering crucial market insights for tech startup Caravan. In addition to these, my responsibilities have extended to managing mail servers, crafting engaging blogs, and developing comprehensive process documents for CSA 360, a cybersecurity company. These multifaceted roles underscore my dedication to fostering innovation and achieving success in dynamic business environments.

Production Assistant

Since Summer 2022, I've been a part of Branch Media as a Production Assistant in Houston, Texas. I've played a key role in contributing to commercial production shoots for clients such as Market Masters Legal, Goodwill, Academy, and Kelsey Seybold. In my role, I meticulously manage precise setup and tear-down and ensure that talent is both punctual and strategically positioned.

Working closely with the director, my proactive and efficient approach ensures seamless outcomes for each project, making a lasting impact on our collaborations with notable clients. My recognized commitment to punctuality and efficiency serves to elevate the overall success of every production, further reinforcing our esteemed position in the industry.


As the producer for The Vue, I orchestrated a live event for the local band, seamlessly transitioning between roles as host and MC. Overseeing every detail, I managed event vendors, including the light operator, photographers, and audio engineer. The event drew over one hundred attendees and involved the coordination of fifteen-plus volunteers, ensuring a vibrant and successful experience for both the band and the audience.

Justice Wenz - Resume

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