Justice Wenz, a Wabash College scholar with a foundation in rhetoric, business, and Spanish, displays a dynamic professional journey marked by diverse experiences and impactful roles. Over the past three years, Justice has received valuable expertise collaborating with diverse teams, ranging from tech startups and nonprofits to security software companies.

Possessing a distinctive blend of professional and personal virtues—Curiosity, Leadership, Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Diligence—Justice consistently applies these qualities in every team endeavor. His proactive approach to collaboration and problem-solving reflects a commitment to enhancing and contributing to the success of the task at hand.

Eager to leverage his skills and experiences, Justice excels in making a positive impact on teams and contributing to the elevation of productivity. His unique blend of virtues and proactive mindset positions him as a valuable asset in any professional setting, where curiosity meets leadership, creativity meets enthusiasm, and positivity fuels success.