Justice for Angelo

Art by @vientoxsol

13 years WRONGFULLY convicted.

13 years innocent.

Hello my name is Angelo Jacob Vasquez, I recently had my beautiful partner Natali Gonzalez (owner of Firme Arte) posted a 'go fund me.' Which was cancelled due to their political views as a company but did not stop all of you from donating and promoting our cause. We have reached our goal for the new Lawyer team and couldn’t be more stoked to have seen this community come together for justice and to give me a chance at a life I never thought possible. Thank you, I thank you from the depths of me I thank you all infinitely.

I've been incarcerated since 4/4/06. I participate in several self help groups inside along with lead various religious groups & services. I have a huge passion for studying the occult and all things of an esoteric nature. For the last decade I’ve felt invisible, and it wasn’t until I met my beautiful partner until I finally felt recognized & that there was a glimmer of hope. For a long time we operated from a place where we would simply be together through my sentence, which when we met was 25 to life with a possibility of parole in 2025. Since meeting everything has evolved in such monumentally perfect timing as the recent passing of SB1437 has allowed me a chance to finally be released after serving 13 years wrongfully convicted. Thank you to the powerful witchy community that has taken the time to acknowledge me and my story. In here there isn’t much room for the esoteric, so to see how powerful this community is & that magick is truly real is such a blessing to whiteness even if it’s just through this small tablet that is my window to the world at the moment.

To Anyone who would like to correspond please send all letters or art or interview inquires to the bodega PO Box with attention to me & Natali will make sure they get to me.

Firme Arte

Attention: Angelo Vasquez

PO BOX 5967

Sacramento, CA


The justice system has not changed, a complete disregard for the youth makes life 'youth-less'. juveniles are easily influenced and when violence is promoted in the vast majority of media & music who are we to blame when a kid commits violence? our social norms raised them/us this way, yet life sentences and death penalties are still the "solution" for our society. A broken prison system is not the answer, more death is not the answer. I plan on dedicating the rest of my existence bringing a real solution(s). It's time to change the court system, it's time to change our inherited toxic programming especially the way we've been programmed to think and the ancestral & social traumas we have inherited. Along with the religious government that imposed itself here needs to change amongst so much more. The time for change is now and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to share my views and story with the world. Thank you for giving me life again after these 13 years. And so it is.

We will continue accepting donations & all will go directly to Angelos commissary (food/hygiene) legal mail, phone calls and art supplies so they may continue their life’s passion while within the walls of the penitentiary. Updates will be posted once we reach further into this new appeals process.

Fundraising Progress

Angelo has reached their goal for their legal fund!

But let's keep this going! Anything donated now will be sent directly to Angelo and used for their commissary (food & hygiene), art supplies, and phone calls/ stamps. Thank you!


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2. Cashapp $firmearte

3. Venmo @firme-arte

4. Make purchases at FirmeArteOnline.com

(All proceeds go directly to campaign for Angelo Vasquez)


Angelo shares their powerful intuitive tarot skills often with our community and create beautiful works of art from behind bars, using homemade paint and the sheets they sleep on as canvas. He’s even made paintbrushes out of his own hair & pencils to satisfy his desire to create.

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