Jurado and Associates (J&A)  has three offices, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Denver, Colorado and London, UK. In addition, we maintain a network of affiliated associates and business partners based abroad to support internationally based projects. J&A is a computer software consulting company specializing in turnkey application development and database management systems. Our roots started with developing and supporting IBM mainframe applications, then branching into HP and Digital mini-computers before rapidly expanding into networked micro systems and client/server applications. We successfully exploited the challenges of our projects and benefited from new technology fronts, blending our expertise in hardware, software development, and delivery trends of modern communications. We have, in our team, skilled electronic technicians, communication engineers, software engineers and personnel highly trained in business and accounting systems.

Today, we specialize in developing database applications on the Web in distributed systems, networks and multi-tier environments. We maintain a lean, profitable operation while keeping a sharp vision on what is new and promising. Our philosophy is to keep the company flexible, motivated, competitive, and most of all, innovative. With innovation in mind, we built our business by establishing a network of business partners who collaborated in implementing leading-edge projects. For the last 20 years, the combined offices of Jurado and Associates (Canada & US) have served over 150 local and international clients. Our long experience enabled us to skilfully create and rapidly deploy small to very complex systems. Our professional team has built a large number of proprietary templates together with our own intellectual property and library of software tools, designs and methodologies. We are proud to claim, that most of our work has resulted in delivering applications within our promised timeframe and, for the most part, our delivered products have exceeded the client’s original expectations for quality and functionality.