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Mdm Waheeda
Mr David Daniel Cheong
Mr Daryl Chan

Please check your groupings for in-person cca below

Groupings for in-person cca

Group 1a





Group 1b



Lee Xing Yu

Kiang Yin


Group 2a


Tian le



Group 2b





Group 3



Jun Yang

Yi Xiang

Wei Yuan

Group 4

Low Xin Yu

En Qi



Safe management measusres for Drama CCA

  1. The Drama Room will be ventilated 10 minutes before the start of the CCA session to ensure that there is proper air flow.

  2. Students will be required to take their temperature before the start of CCA. Students who have a temperature higher than the trigger temperature of 38.0C will be sent home for their own well-being and the safety of the other students.

  3. Teachers and instructors will perform visual checks on the students throughout the session for any student who is unwell.

  4. Students will be required to wear surgical face masks at all times during the CCA session, unless told to unmask for vocal or acting training.

  5. If the students are required to unmask, they may do so with a minimum of 3m safety distance if they are required to speak.

  6. The rest of the students who are in the audience must have their masks on.

  7. Students will do a wipe down of any areas or props that they have used during the CCA session.

  8. Students will be reminded to leave school immediately after the CCA session and not to mingle in or outside the school compound.

Upcoming events

Nothing to see here! Move along!

Past events

Secondary 1 CCA Experience

Stop by the Drama Room during your CCA Experience to find out more about what we do in Crescendo Theatre!

SYF (Arts Presentation) 2021

The Singapore Youth Festival is back in 2021! Although there are some changes in light of Covid, we're glad to back on the stage!

SYF (Arts Presentation) 2019

Our first time at the SOTA Black Box Theatre and also our first attempt at incorporating shadow play into our performance!

Soiree Musicale 2018

Soiree Musicale 2018 was a collaboration between all the Performing Arts CCAs woven together and connected by performances from our very own Crescendo Theatre.