Jung Hoon Lee

Assistant Professor of Finance

Jung Hoon Lee

Assistant Professor of Finance

A. B. Freeman School of Business

Tulane University

Email: jlee39 at tulane dot edu

Office: (504)-314-7035


Published Paper

1. “Conflicting Family Values in Mutual Fund Families”, with Utpal Bhattacharya and Veronika K. Pool, Journal of Finance, 2013.

2. “Do Portfolio Manager Contracts Contract Portfolio Management?”, with Charles Trzcinka and Shyam Venkatesan, Journal of Finance, Forthcoming

  • Conferences: AFA (2018), FIRS (2016), FRA (2015), and NFA (2015)

Working Papers

1. “Do rating agencies deserve some credit? Evidence from transitory shocks to credit risk”, Oleg Gredil and Nishad Kapadia

    • 2019 SFS Cavalcade at Carnegie Mellon University
    • 2019 MFA Annual Conference at Chicago
    • 2018 Annual Conference on Financial Economics & Accounting (CFEA)
    • 2018 Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility at University of Pennsylvania
    • 2018 NYU/PENN Conference on Law and Finance
    • 2018 China International Conference in Finance at Tianjin (CICF)

2. “Why do funds make more when they trade more?”, with Shyam Venkatesan

3. “Overconfidence in Money Management: Balancing the Benefits and Costs”, with Shyam Venkatesan

    • 2019 FMA Annual Meeting at New Orleans (Scheduled)

4. “Ubiquitous Co-movement”, with William Grieser and Morad Zekhnini

    • 2020 AFA Annual Meeting at San Diego (Scheduled)

5. “Information Flows in Mutual Fund Families

    • Conferences: EFA (2014) and MFA (2013)