Terms of Service

Regarding commission work-


There are very few things I refuse to draw. I believe all manner of kink is acceptable in illustrated form. I enjoy drawing a wide variety of kinks and have an interest in being exposed to new ones via clients. If you have any questions please feel free to email me (rareredmeat@gmail.com) or dm me (@crumb_boy on twitter)


Email is my preferred method of contact, its much easier to keep track of orders this way and Ill need your email to hand over the finished hi-res image regardless. My email is rareredmeat@gmail.com


Paypal and squarecash both work equally well for me, I send out invoices.

Actively updated queue:


Regarding reposting-

If an image was made for you, you have permission to repost it and share it wherever you like. A mention of my twitter or furaffinity would be appreciated! Most of my clients come from word of mouth and recommendations so reposting of my work with credit is something I actually encourage.

If an image was drawn for someone else I have to ask you to get permission from the buyer before reposting it, and to assume you cannot repost until you receive confirmation from them.

Art of my original characters, concepts, and fanart are automatically free to repost and share as you please if posted along with credit/links to my twitter or other website.

Again, any questions please feel free to contact me!