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Blog Tour Reviews - The Secret of Haversham House - "This was a fantastic story that was quite the page turner for me. I knew how I wanted to the story to end, but I wondered if the actions of the characters would allow certain moments to take place--this is how much I enjoyed this book. It was surprising the see the twists and turns in the lives of each character only to discover their ultimate fate. I highly recommend checking out this book. Happy reading!" - "Rich details combine to bring Matern’s charming Regency romance to life as she takes the reader across England, France, and Italy. Multi-layered characters quickly engage the reader. A bit of mystery is involved, which is a nice addition to the tale. The reader may notice a connection between the Regency-era high society to the modern world’s social media, especially when it comes to prejudices and judging others based on their position, wealth, etc. I look forward to reading other books by this talented author." - "This story was an interesting read as we were given an intimate look at a family who comes from a long line of ancestors who value money and pure blood over people and their circumstances." - "Secrets abound at Haversham House and Matern does a fantastic job of creating vivid characters. The prim British society is richly described and the settings have such an authentic feel. Although there are the normal balls and flirtations that will hopefully result in a proposal, there is an integral thread that isn't found in your every day Regency story and it really planted something deep within me. I don't want to give anything away, so I'll end here." - "I truly loved this novel. The main character Francesca is so likable, but she is not perfect, but very endearing. I loved her attitude about life and when unseen circumstances came to light, she accepted things with grace and dignity. I also loved the character of Phillip, her good friend who was secretly in love with Francesca. I loved and admired Francesca's loving parents. My heart also couldn't help but love the Italian grandfather Giorgio. Two un-named characters I disliked greatly for different reasons and one is related to Francesca. Her behavior was appalling." - "This book is well written. It has a feeling and a flow to it that you would expect to find in a book written years ago, rather than recently. This book discusses pre-marital relations and a person who ruins women's reputations on purpose. I found this to be clean and thoroughly enjoyed my time reading it." - "Julie Matern gives readers peeks into the minds of all the major players in this story, giving it a fairytale or story vibe. Matern explores the themes of snobbery and prejudice, forgiveness, and duplicity, making sure to different characters on both sides of the coin." - "The Secret of Haversham House is Matern’s adult fiction debut. While I enjoyed this story, it lacked a certain sparkle. I’d like to see more character depth and emotion, maybe more conversation and less description that slowed the narrative down at times, but Matern’s writing shows much promise and I look forward to more of her stories." - "The Secret of Haversham was an interesting and a worthwhile read. It's a book that I will definitely reread again in the future and I look forward to reading more books by this author. The writing style of the author reminded me of classical 19th century writers that wrote fictional short stories and novels of Americans visiting and touring Europe. I am not sure if that was the writing style the author was going for, but it seemed to have an older quality to it. The story was driven more by actions and secrets then the characters dialogue or development. The story was in constant motion and with each chapter I felt like I was peeling away layer after layer. I highly suggest checking out this book and reading it." - "The Secret of Haversham House is truly a delight to read. There is more than one secret that is being held tight in this family but each could have dire results if and when they come to be known."

"I found this to be an easy read. The various storylines all came together in a most satisfying conclusion. The story is one that has a steady pace that doesn't drag or rush the reader - it is just right. Fans of clean Regency period books will love this offering. And if you're looking for some Jane Austen in-between fillers give this one a try. I for one look forward to more works by Julie Matern in the future."